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The AI artist who used Bad Bunny’s voice — and shot to fame
Freelancers face stiff competition from AI
New YouTube rules will let you remove AI videos that use your likeness
AIs are coming for social networks
‘All eyes on Rafah’ is the Internet's most viral AI image. Two artists are claiming credit
Adobe overhauls terms of service to say it won’t train AI on customers’ work
Important tid bits from the Apple Conference, including AI integration [video]
Facebook will soon use your photos, posts and other info to train its AI. You can opt out (but it's complicated)
DeviantArt In 2024 Sure Sounds Like A Sh*thole
Meta and Google Reportedly Seeking to Partner With Hollywood Studios to Train AI
Sony Music warns AI companies against ‘unauthorized use’ of its content
Spam, junk, slop. The latest wave of AI behind the ‘zombie internet’
Disturbing AI nonsense recipe channel with millions of views
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Air Head, a Sora short film [video]
‘Time is running out’: can a future of undetectable deepfakes be avoided?
200 Musicians (including Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry) sign letter against irresponsible AI
LinkedIn has an AI problem and it doesn't care
Meta Looks To Help Instagram Influencers Create AI Bot Versions of Themselves
“The Worst Product I've Ever Reviewed”, MKBHD on the Humane AI Pin
Adobe Firefly used thousands of Midjourney images in training its 'ethical AI' model
TikTok may add AI avatars that can make ads
YouTube CEO's warning to OpenAI over Sora training data could backfire spectacularly
OpenAI Can Re-Create Human Voices—but Won’t Release the Tech Yet
YouTube now requires labels on realistic looking videos made with AI
Creators are stepping back from generative AI
Midjourney releases character consistency
OpenAI is pitching Sora to Hollywood
AI Assisted Game Development
CTO of OpenAI stumbles on where training data for Sora came from
The first AI software engineer
ChatGPT bots account for more than 12% of Upwork
Tumblr and WordPress posts will reportedly be used for OpenAI and Midjourney training
Here lies the internet, murdered by generative AI
Will AI replace the artist?
Reddit signs content licensing deal with AI company ahead of IPO
Sora and the Future of Filmmaking
Creating video from text
Palworld embroiled in AI and PokĂ©mon ‘plagiarism’ controversy
AI art is the new stock image
Trolls have flooded X with graphic Taylor Swift AI fakes
Kin.art launches free tool to prevent GenAI models from training on artwork
Novelist Scoops Literary Prize—Then Reveals She Used ChatGPT
Camera Giants Nikon, Sony, and Canon Unite to Combat Deepfakes with Cutting-Edge Digital Signatures
There Is Still No Real Use Case For AI Art
SAG-AFTRA Signs Deal With Voiceover Studio for AI Use in Video Games
Japan Goes All In: Copyright Doesn’t Apply To AI Training
Krea Open Beta , a design tool with AI inside
Googles Music FX: generate music for free
What Do AI Companies Want With the Media?
Facebook Is Being Overrun With Stolen, AI-Generated Images That People Think Are Real
Channel 1 - A news network where everything is AI-generated.
Let Humans, Not AI, Be Bad At Music
Bing’s GPT-4-powered Deep Search takes its time with AI questions
YouTube Plagiarism and Generation Loss
Meet the first Spanish AI model earning up to €10,000 per month
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Celebrities remake themselves in AI
AI-Powered Teleprompter and Captions