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AI Assisted Game Development

Charmed offers AI-assisted game development with end-to-end support for 3D meshes, materials, animations, and quests. It provides a comprehensive suite for creating detailed meshes, stunning materials, and lively animations seamlessly. The features include a geometry generator for rapid exploration and generation of 3D meshes, a texture generator for exploring styles and generating high-resolution materials, and a 3D animator for auto-rigging and retargeting animations. Additionally, it offers a quest generator for building imaginative worlds and engaging quests with AI assistance, providing flexibility and full editorial control over generated content.

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Jeremy Beckler

Perhaps good for seasoned developers looking for shortcuts and efficiency, but I’m skeptical for one of these tools to be given to someone who has no idea how to make games in the first place.

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Agree for now. Perhaps a future will make everything completely “no code” but until then it seems like you would at the whim of what you could prompt, leaving the game feeling a little stale.,