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“The Worst Product I've Ever Reviewed”, MKBHD on the Humane AI Pin

MKBHD has reviewed a lot of products, and completely destroyed the Humane AI pin in his latest review.

While one Humane employee took the feedback in stride, the video sparked a firestorm on X, with one detractor calling it "almost unethical" for Brownlee to have posted the review given his vast influence and ability to dent an emerging company.

[0] https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/humane-s-ai-pin-got-trashed-by-a-youtuber-and-it-sparked-a-firestorm-over-whether-that-s-fair/ar-BB1lFYAr

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Companies are seeing the power of creators :) the fact that this reached a moral debate about how “fair” this is given his audience and scale is fascinating.

That aside, I think the review was pretty fair. At most maybe the title was a bit aggressive but he is very thoughtful overall in this review.

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Chris Jul-ul

Honestly I thought the video was pretty fair. Went over a lot of good details and situations for the product. It’s the first of its kind really, and i’m interested to see where it goes.