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AI-generated spam is starting to fill social media. Here's why

AI-generated images are flooding social media platforms like Facebook, creating a bizarre and unsettling experience for users. These images, often depicting unrealistic scenes or emotionally manipulative content, are being boosted by the platforms' algorithms and garnering significant engagement. While some pages posting these images have clear financial motives like ad revenue, others seem to be accumulating an audience for unknown purposes. The surge in AI spam is causing frustration among users and raising concerns about the impact of artificial images on people's perception of reality.

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The way I see it, it’s now an arms race between the spammers using AI and the platform algorithms. The algorithms need to adopt to identifying AI and content spam more rigorously. Otherwise people will continue to be frustrated that they are suggested crappy content.

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The problem is that some people are genuinely being tricked, too. Yesterday I saw a clearly AI image on threads of a very attractive woman in a wheelchair in USA uniform, except that the flag was completely wrong, and the picture looked extremely AI, but people were still saying “thanks for serving”, etc etc. to an AI image! It had 15K likes!