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Air Head, a Sora short film [video]

This was a short film made using Sora about a balloon-like person. The tech itself is obviously better than what we have seen before but there are a lot of areas to improve.

What do you all think?

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Lefty • Edited on

For those curious, the team behind this also shared their thoughts on using it: fxguide.com/fxfeatured/actually-us...

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Air Head still needed a large amount of editorial and human direction to produce this engaging and funny story film. “I just feel like people have to SORA as an authentic part of their process; however, if they don’t want to engage with anything like that, that’s fine too.”

Interesting, I was wondering myself if this was just raw prompts from Sora pieced together or something else. Looks like they used this in the most realistic way. Used it for raw footage and then pieced it together and made edits/ applied post production.

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It’s good for a bot being controlled by a human, what else can I say? I think overall the balloon has obvious flaws in the way it looks frame to frame, as well as consistency with the style of the video itself. But quality aside, it’s kind of a boring video. Just me 🙃