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‘Time is running out’: can a future of undetectable deepfakes be avoided?

The article discusses the increasing threat of undetectable deepfakes as generative AI technology advances. It highlights the challenges of manual detection methods and the need for new strategies to counter disinformation. Various tech companies have started implementing measures like watermarking and labeling to authenticate media content. However, these efforts face challenges such as scalability and the potential for false positives. Experts emphasize the importance of developing more advanced detection methods to combat the proliferation of AI-generated content.

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The scams unleashed by AI are evolving at a rate that even technically savvy individuals are second guessing their ability to detect it. Especially with the power of social media, things like mis-information can spiral out of control too quickly, and too damage that could be irreversible. That alone means that we should tread carefully.

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Criss F

When AI is used to help achieve something in an honest way, that’s totally fine. This is what I see a ton of people who are excited about AI focus on. The overall ability to do more. Great.

When AI is used to deceive, this is usually the negative consequences that often get over looked.