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Important tid bits from the Apple Conference, including AI integration [video]

From things like Vision Pro updates, iPad and iPhone updates, and their new A.I. integration which they’re calling “Apple Intelligence” because of course.

Not going to lie, the new calculator on the iPad (also coming to iPhone) with the new “Math Notes” was really cool to see. Basically a way to write down math equations and have it be solved in real time, and being able to add or remove certain variables to give you the updated answer.

But of course the biggest news is Apple Intelligence, which btw is only supported on the highest end versions of current apple products, like iPhone 15 Pro, any iPad with the M1 chip and Mac with M1 chip or later. Much to say about that but I’ll let MKBHD explain it.

Check out the link above to know the details.

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Jason Cruz

I could've used Math Notes back when I was in college, dang.