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Meta Looks To Help Instagram Influencers Create AI Bot Versions of Themselves

Meta has introduced an initiative called "Creator A.I." aimed at enabling Instagram influencers to create AI-powered chatbot versions of themselves. This program allows influencers to interact with fans through direct messages and potentially comments, using chatbots that mimic their "voice." While Meta sees this as a way to help creators maintain connections with fans more efficiently, some critics argue that it removes the genuine social element from the experience. They question whether chatting with a bot can replicate real human engagement and worry that it could further dilute the social nature of social media platforms. Despite Meta's efforts to enhance chatbot technology, skepticism remains about the value and authenticity of these AI-powered interactions.

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Amy Sawyama

Yes yes, help me create an AI bot that replaces me, that's exactly why I want to use this app. In fact, let my AI bot interact with other AI bots, and forget all the humans involved :P

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Chris Jul-ul

Wasn’t this a big debate before with Amouranth and another creator? Charging for AI bots to chat with their subscribers. Maybe i’m wrong, but it seems Instagram sees no problem with it lol.