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Creators are stepping back from generative AI

Creators are increasingly wary of the rapid advancements in generative AI, fearing it may replace human jobs and exploit their creativity without adequate compensation. Concerns about bias and inclusivity are also driving some creators to limit or avoid AI tools altogether. Despite initial excitement, many are now hesitant about the impact of AI on their industries, calling for regulations and greater diversity in AI development.

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GenAI also just has limits for creators. Prompting can only take you so far, and someone who creates art/ animation/video/ whatever usually has a vision of how they want something to be. Without those controls, GenAI just can’t scratch most creators itches.

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I’ve been using AI for very uncreative things, like boiler plate documentation or making some adjustments to a file, but ultimately I don’t think it’s replaced any of my creative work at all, and I hope it continues to stay that way.

I do agree that AI does need regulation, especially around its training set data sources.