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Disturbing AI nonsense recipe channel with millions of views

A viral nonsensical recipe, narrated by an AI voice, has captured widespread attention since it was posted on TikTok in March 2023 by @SuperRecipess. The page is part of a network owned by a Brazilian company, Ls Mota Negocios Digitais LTDA, which includes other similar pages like YumMakers and SuperGostoso. While their Portuguese-language recipes are more traditional, their English ones, like the mentioned bizarre recipe, are gaining popularity. The recipe involves common ingredients like eggs, cheese, hot dogs, and oil, stuffed into each other. It reflects the current trend of unconventional online content dominating the internet.

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Aside from the recipe being horrible (is this satire? Lol), it has nailed the tacky and overly used formats of recipes. AI is really good at imitation, piggybacking off the hard work of creators that paved these lanes prior.

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That’s the thing, people will still watch it because it’s taking “video hacks” from the best videos out there.

Eventually audiences will catch on and taste will likely change, but who’s to say how fast AI will be to adopt?

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Hold up, but the video itself isn’t AI? Right?

Sad I have to ask 😅