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New YouTube rules will let you remove AI videos that use your likeness

YouTube has introduced a new policy allowing users to request the removal of AI-generated or synthetic content that simulates their likeness, such as their face or voice.

This update, part of YouTube’s privacy request process, expands the company's responsible AI agenda. To qualify for removal, the content must depict a realistic altered version of the individual's likeness. YouTube requires first-party claims for removal, with exceptions for minors, those without computer access, or deceased individuals. Factors influencing removal decisions include the realism of the content, identifiability of the person, and potential parody or satire. Public figures shown in sensitive situations are also considered.

Complaints are reviewed within 48 hours if not resolved by the content creator.

Discussion (2)

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Criss F

I wonder how likeness works with the “fair use” policy.

Like, are you able to use an AI version of Joe Biden and make jokes as him?

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Jeremy Beckler

Sounds like a gray area. I imagine though, if Joe Biden administration really wanted to, they could argue that you are using his likeness without his permission, and YouTube would honor it.

And with political figures it seems even more messy because of spreading fake/harmful news, etc