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LinkedIn has an AI problem and it doesn't care

LinkedIn's AI-generated content lacks authenticity and honesty, resembling soulless LinkedIn-style comments. Despite the platform's growing popularity, its user experience remains subpar, rendering it a necessary but unenjoyable social media platform for many. The effectiveness of AI in producing content for LinkedIn is attributed to its learned language, which lacks humor and rough edges. LinkedIn faces a crucial decision between allowing AI-generated filler content or implementing measures to detect and discourage it. While the platform's core functionality may persist, users may increasingly avoid the newsfeed due to the influx of AI-generated content. Ultimately, a premium on well-written, honest content is hoped for amid the prevalence of AI-generated "great insight."

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Harper Liu

I’ve seen so many AI based comments on LinkedIn, and quite frankly they are mostly horrible content slop that serves no purpose but to count towards “activity” on the platform.

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Lefty • Edited on

AI content is everywhere and it’s just so bad. Like yes it’s good for summarizing and potentially quick re-writes, but by itself it usually outputs a very uncanny overly professional and unrealistic body of text that a human would never write.