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Is A.I. generated audio good for anything? (Besides shitposts)

The newsletter discusses the practical uses and ethical concerns surrounding A.I.-generated audio, particularly voice cloning technology. It explores instances of fraud and manipulation, such as fake-kidnapping scams and the creation of fake audio recordings for malicious purposes. Despite some potential beneficial applications, like preserving voices of those with voice-depriving diseases, the overall impact of A.I.-generated audio remains uncertain. The democratization of audio generation tools has led to both creative and harmful uses, from entertaining shitposts to localized scams and misinformation campaigns. The newsletter raises questions about the societal implications and ethical considerations of A.I.-generated audio technology.

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It's really good for comedy (lol I guess shitposting is a good way to describe that). Otherwise, I would agree, most of the music that comes out of it is probably not extremely moral. Especially if it tries to deceive you (tries to do its best to make you think it's the actual artist dropping it), but even if you try to do it without being deceitful (Drake's Taylor made freestyle) clearly their are people out there that you need to get approval from to make it happen.

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It's probably a net-lose for art imo. It's done more harm to the art world than good, and generally speaking has caused an increase in scams, fake news, and likeness theft to make up for any of the value that it provides as a tool to 'artists'.