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TikTok may add AI avatars that can make ads

TikTok plans to introduce AI avatars to promote and sell items on its platform, allowing advertisers and TikTok Shop sellers to generate scripts for virtual influencers. While the feature is still in development, TikTok aims to complement human creators with AI creators, although it faces challenges in sharing sponsorship dollars and maintaining user trust.

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Criss F

AI ads? Those seem to be all over the internet already. And quite frankly, they are just as annoying and classless as non-AI based ads :)

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Jeremy Beckler

These would probably be an assisted way for advertisers to make AI avatars and then use the avatar for a sponsored ad.

I’m not sure as an advertiser I would be completely interested in this. Especially if my competition is doing this and people become keen at spotting it. Ironically, I think advertising needs to evolve to be more creative, not less, in a world where AI is prominent.