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‘All eyes on Rafah’ is the Internet's most viral AI image. Two artists are claiming credit

Two Malaysian artists, Zila Abka and Amirul Shah, claim credit for the viral AI-generated image "all eyes on Rafah," which has garnered 50 million shares on Instagram. Abka, a science teacher and pro-Palestinian activist, initially created and posted the image in February using Microsoft's Image Creator, adding watermarks to indicate her authorship. Shah, a college student, denies copying Abka’s work, asserting he generated his own version independently. The viral spread of the image highlights the challenges of authorship and ownership in AI-generated content, as well as the role of AI in amplifying political messages online.

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It's crazy how AI is making it harder to credit artists. Before, you could look at an artist's style or signature, but now with AI, multiple people can create nearly identical images using the same prompts. This whole Zila Abka and Amirul Shah situation just shows how messy it can get. Without clear guidelines or tools to track original creators, we'll probably see more disputes like this. AI is awesome, but it’s definitely complicating things for artists and their rights.