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Apple says, 'We're sorry' for 'Crush' iPad Pro ad that seems to demolish creativity

Apple's recent iPad Pro ad, titled "Crush!," aimed to showcase the device's thinness but instead stirred controversy. The ad depicted various creative tools being crushed into an iPad, which some in the creative community found offensive, especially amidst concerns about artificial intelligence's impact on creativity. Apple issued an apology, acknowledging the misstep in representing its commitment to creativity. Critics felt the ad diminished the value of human creativity and likened it to a disregard for artistic expression. Despite differing opinions, the ad sparked discussions about the portrayal of creativity and technology in advertising.

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Amy Sawyama

I think I understand what they were trying to go for - that one device can do so many things for you, not necessarily replacing the creativity, but allowing you to have a lighter, thinner way to explore creative activities in one device.

But the visceral reaction that creatives had to their beloved instruments, tools, and gadgets being flattened by a rich a powerful Mega Corp, which already usurps creativity in the Job market willingly with AI, is of course a very valid reaction.

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Hannah Ruth

I understand the reaction. The add does feel quite literally a bit reductive, even if also kind of fun.

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Jeremy Beckler

This is more a reaction to the creative climate and AI in general.