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SAG-AFTRA Signs Deal With Voiceover Studio for AI Use in Video Games

Replica Studios launched its AI platform in 2019. The company sells AI voices to video game developers from its library of “ethically licensed” voices. Last year, the company announced a new iteration of “Smart NPCs” — non-playable characters — that could use OpenAI or other language models to interact with video game players.

The deal pertains only to “digital replicas” — using AI to re-create the voice of a real performer, living or dead. It does not apply to AI training to create synthetic performances.

Surprising that they did this just after the fight they had last year about AI in movies. Not sure this is a "evolutionary step forward" they say it is. Hopefully it doesn't take away from the actual voice actors and their pay.

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Brandy Sousa

Kind of disappointed. As you said, they fought so hard for this in movies/television, why cave for video games?