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Apple Cuts Vision Pro Shipments as Demand Falls 'Sharply Beyond Expectations'

Apple's expected shipments for the Vision Pro headset in 2024 have been slashed by half, from 700-800k units to 400-450k units, due to weaker-than-expected demand, particularly outside the US. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests this indicates a cautious outlook on global demand. Apple plans to introduce the Vision Pro in new markets before June, but anticipates a decline in shipments in 2025. Despite earlier reports, there likely won't be a new Vision Pro model until 2027. Apple is working on improving production efficiency and addressing factors like application availability and pricing to enhance user experience. The underperformance of Vision Pro sales may affect related technologies like pancake lenses and microOLED displays.

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There isn’t much to do on the vision pro that makes it compelling to spend so much money on it

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It’s too big/ low on battery life / ridiculous to take outdoors and not a great replacement for much indoors, so the use cases feel pretty limited.

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Chris Jul-ul

Not surprised given how much it is, and the newness of it. Curious to know what the next iteration is, smaller and lighter would be a nice start.