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The Unspoken Reason You Need Creative Community

Found this gem that really resonated with the need to have community. A couple of the highlights:

You know what you’re trying to say, show or convey. But sometimes you’re so close to the thing you’ve been trying to make, you’re unable to describe it, to explain it. You’re heavily invested in it emotionally, unable to objectively articulate your underlying purpose.


The community you need is made up of people who have “skin in the game”. People doing the same kind of work you do. Not folks who are live-action role-playing creative endeavours. Or just hanging around looking to criticise the efforts of others.

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Very true. When I started out, I had no friends who were creators. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I would often show things I coded (usually dumb little websites or apps) to them and I found that either they 1) were trying to be nice to be and said it was cool or (which I understand) or 2) they offered up some strange criticism that made little sense. It wasn't until getting surrounded by other people who MADE STUFF, that I actually got really good feedback.