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At the CIA’s Creative Writing Group


  1. The author, Johannes Lichtman, was invited to speak to the CIA's creative writing group, Invisible Ink, without a specified topic or speaking fee.
  2. The author initially questioned the motive behind the invitation, considering it might be part of a recruitment strategy or a form of soft-diplomacy propaganda.
  3. The author encountered challenges navigating the security protocols at the CIA headquarters, including issues with parking and escort requirements.
  4. During the visit, Lichtman engaged with the CIA writers, discovering they were working on a variety of literary projects, from short stories to self-published dystopian sci-fi.
  5. The article highlights the unique aspects of the CIA's literary endeavors, including the need for CIA writers to have their work vetted by lawyers and adhere to specific guidelines, such as avoiding classified information and potential embarrassment to the agency.

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Criss F

Wait what?! I had no idea the CIA had its own creative writing group. Reading about it, though, it weirdly makes sense. I mean, effective communication is key in intelligence, right? Apparently it’s a good way to encourage innovative thinking.

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Writing is just a form of communication, so really it’s about being creative overall.