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I am a creative.


  • The article discusses the author's identity as a creative and the mysterious nature of the creative process.
  • The author emphasizes the uniqueness of their creative process, acknowledging that creativity is subjective and varies among individuals.
  • The article touches on the challenges and joys of being a creative, including the struggle to balance enthusiasm and the fear of judgment.
  • Throughout the piece, the author reflects on the role of creativity, self-doubt, and the constant pursuit of the next creative endeavor.

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Except when it is easy and flows like a river of wine.

Sometimes it does come that way. Sometimes what I need to create comes in an instant. I have learned not to say it at that moment, because if you admit that sometimes the idea just comes and it is the best idea and you know it is the best idea, they think you don’t work hard enough.

It’s so true, sometimes really great ideas just come to you. I get nervous to present them right away in corporate settings because they truly think that a quick idea is a worse idea. Not true at all. It’s unfortunate that our workplaces don’t understand creativity like that, and we have preconceived notions of what it takes to work hard that don’t fit well for creatives.

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So much relatable stuff in this write up. I swear most of us don’t even verbalize or notice how much of these themes consume our mind until reading something like this.

Creatives belittle our own small achievements, because we compare them to those of the great ones. Beautiful animation! Well, I’m no Miyazaki. Now THAT is greatness. That is greatness straight from the mind of God. This half-starved little thing that I made?

Sometimes I feel like it’s almost a no-no to boast your own creation. I find that it’s a humongous turn off in our community. I suspect is has to do with the impression that someone has creative mastery. As if they somehow are the ones who cracked it, or they are genius enough to always have a fresh idea/concept. Having worked on creative projects and knowing how difficult it is to work through a project, we feel a turn off to anyone who claims they are completely on top of it.

That said, I think it’s important for people to feel proud of bringing a project to completion. A nuanced difference.