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The best way to get unstuck


  • Stuck City Challenge: Entrepreneurship often leads to periods of feeling stuck, a common struggle that amplifies anxiety and demotivation.
  • Escape Strategy: The key to overcoming stuckness is taking action, emphasizing movement and momentum over overthinking.
  • Varied Approaches: Not every case requires a drastic action plan; sometimes, a short break, reflection, or assisting others can be effective in regaining momentum.

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Jeremy Beckler

Doing things that are just plain wrong can alleviate a lot of pressure and help build momentum.

A popular exercise I’ve done with writers block is to just write whatever comes to my mind even if it’s the same word or phrase a bunch of times. The mind tends to wander and get its motors running and I end up going down some strange rabbit hole that would of otherwise been impossible to just start with creatively.