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YouTube Rolls Out In-App Games to More Users

YouTube has expanded its "Playables" in-app games to users in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia after an eight-month test period. This new feature offers over 75 basic mobile games, such as "Angry Birds Showdown" and "Trivia Crack," aiming to increase user engagement beyond video content. Although gaming is popular on YouTube, similar efforts by Netflix and Meta have had limited success. Users involved in this rollout can access games through the Explore section and other parts of the app.

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Not a terrible idea, but I'm unsure if I would ever actually spend time playing them myself.

What could be better is if youtube competes with Steam, and creates a platform for game distribution for indie gamers and game makers.

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Stadia was kind of ambitious version of that, wasn’t it?

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Criss F • Edited on

Stadia was more cloud game streaming than direct video game distribution store (like steam).