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Riot Games was developing a Twitch competitor. Layoffs killed the project.

Riot Games was developing a potential Twitch competitor before layoffs hit last week.

Along with laying off 530 employees, around 11% of its total staff, Riot stopped development of “REN,” aka “Riot’s Esports Network,” which was one of various “watch platform ideas” it was testing, Riot president of esports John Needham told Bloomberg.

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That’s a shame, I would imagine they thought the opportunity was too small/ too much of a distraction in compared to everything else they are doing. It would of been nice to have some more twitch competition.

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Criss F

REN seems like it would of been an uphill battle against some of the streaming giants.

YouTube already is eating twitches lunch, and offers a better discovery platform overall. Not to mention Kick is just the wild Wild West of streaming where anything seems to go.

A competitor that is closely linked to a gaming company is interesting, but seems one dimensional.