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YouTube Create, a new, free app for video editing

  • YouTube Create is a free app aimed at simplifying video editing for Shorts and longer videos, now available in beta on Android in 13 more countries.
  • Features include recording directly from the phone, accessing thousands of royalty-free songs for mood setting, beat matching for seamless transitions, adding effects and filters, audio cleanup, voice-over, auto-captions, and easy integration with YouTube for uploading.
  • The app aims to streamline the editing process, allowing creators to focus more on their creativity and content.

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I always wondered why YouTube didn’t get into video editing software sooner. They are definitely more than capable (with Google backing) and have tons of user data from YouTube to understand what users would want.

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Nir • Edited on

Yea and they would be expanding their market reach further in the video space. Disrupting Adobe and other giants. It seems like a strategic no-brainer.

I would love to see the Google suite include a collaborative video editor where I can share and collaborate on video files as if they were Google docs.