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Do people really forget you after a month

The video is about why many YouTubers are going on hiatus or stopping, and I really agree with its view on things.

I wanted to question one base premise though - in the video is a moment where it's casually said that "you have to keep posting so people don't forget you in a month". But is that true?

Observing my own consuming habits, I don't think so. I follow youtubers who post once every 2 or 6 months and I always want to immediately watch it and I keep checking if there is a new post. I follow some creators who stop posting and after a year I check back if maybe they came back. When youtubers say "sorry for not posting in such a long time", I never felt like it's been a long time.

I think the algorithm gets unhappier than the audience. When did we measure how often someone wants to watch something? Sometimes I binge watch videos, sometimes I get sick of the same creator every week. Am I the only one?

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I would agree with you l, I don’t forget YouTubers just because they stop posting as often, I think that’s just the media’s narrow minded view on relevance.

Yes the media will pay more attention, write more articles about, have more opinions about people who are constantly making content. Especially if that content is sensationalized. But that’s just the media hype train doing it’s thing, not real fans or audience members.

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Criss F

I think it depends on the content. Some content is thoughtful and well planned, and makes a real splash regardless of how often. I think coffeezilla is a good example of that, he’s made way less videos in the past year and his audience has grown dramatically as opposed to when he has made content everyday. I think he has ~2 videos per month now. I think if coffeezilla went into a hole for 6 months and came out with another awesome video, chances are his entire fan base would be just as excited as ever to continue to watch him (like I do).

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If your content doesn’t make an impact, then you surely will be forgotten.

Making a ton of content is a cheap parlor trick for attention, and will only work so long as you do it.

Obviously in an ideal world (for growth) you can make good quality content often, but given how demanding that is, it’s usually not sustainable. A better option is to make good content at a comfortable and enjoyable rate for you.