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All three game console makers have now abandoned Twitter integration

Nintendo has officially discontinued support for the Switch console’s integration with Twitter, making it the last of the current-gen consoles to do so after Microsoft and Sony disabled their own access last year. This change was part of the Nintendo Switch’s 18.1.0 update, which also included general stability improvements and the removal of support for linking social media accounts via the Friend Suggestions feature. The update eliminates the ability for users to link their Twitter accounts with the console or post in-game screenshots directly to Twitter.

Nintendo announced these changes last month without explicitly stating the reason, but it's likely related to pricing changes to the Twitter API, which now costs $42,000 a month for enterprise customers. Microsoft and Sony also did not cite Twitter’s API update when they removed their console integrations last year, but functionality issues due to the API updates were mentioned by Slack when it pulled its own Twitter support. Despite a now-deleted post from the Twitter Gaming account claiming a strong partnership with Nintendo, console gamers can no longer connect directly with the platform.

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Honestly, the Twitter integration was pretty useless anyway. Who really wants to jump through hoops to share a screenshot directly to Twitter when it's so much easier to just grab the pic and upload it from your phone or screen capture device like OBS.