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Gaming is taking over TV and it's winning

TV adaptations of popular video games like "Fallout" and "The Last of Us" are gaining traction, drawing in both hardcore gamers and new audiences. These shows successfully bring beloved game worlds to life, generating buzz and discussion across social media and beyond. With examples like "Arcane" and the collaboration between Disney and Epic Games, the convergence of gaming and traditional entertainment is becoming more apparent. These adaptations not only cater to existing fans but also create compelling content for a wider audience, blurring the lines between gaming and mainstream media. The success of these adaptations highlights the power of gaming narratives and the exciting potential for future collaborations.

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Honestly, I’m loving it. Games have some great untapped stories that have only lived on consoles for so long, it’s nice to see them taken to a new medium, like television and have average people who know nothing of them be able to participate in them. It’s great for both gaming culture and film and television. And as creators who like games, we get to be able to connect with more people on topics because those topics become more mainstream.

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Completely agree. It’s great to see these get made as shows.,

It’s better than just more remakes, at least these are something somewhat new (I believe the term would be adaptations?).