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Amazon Lays Off 180 Employees In Its Games Division


  • Amazon is laying off 180 employees in its games division, marking the second round of cuts this year.
  • The layoffs include the closure of Crown Channel, an Amazon-backed Twitch channel, and the Game Growth team.
  • Amazon aims to refocus efforts on Prime Gaming, a part of its Amazon Prime subscription that offers free games and in-game content.

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Bummer news about Amazon's games division – another round of layoffs, including shutting down Crown Channel and Game Growth. I get the business move towards Prime Gaming, but it sucks for the folks losing their jobs.

It seems like I can’t help but have questions about the challenges in the gaming industry and the balance between profitability and sustaining a creative, diverse gaming landscape.

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It’s been a domino effect in the gaming world lately. Wishing everyone impacted a swift recovery and some exciting respawn points in their professional journey.