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1.5 Million Followers in 18 Months

Key points:

  • Sheehan Quirke went from working at McDonald's with 0 followers to over 1.5 million Twitter followers in 18 months.
  • He achieved this remarkable growth through consistent daily posting, not relying on growth hacks.
  • Sheehan's content is focused and unique, emphasizing the power of depth and curiosity.
  • He monetizes through a Writer in Residence role with David Perell and Twitter subscriptions.
  • Key growth levers for The Cultural Tutor include early hard work, asking for and accepting help, using various Twitter thread templates, maintaining a single objective, writing about personal interests, and getting organic traffic through brand mentions and SEO.
  • The success can be replicated by staying committed, having a single objective, creating content that stands out, and focusing on depth and curiosity.

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What I really appreciate about this journey is how he stuck to posting something every day and delved deep into topics he was passionate about. It's a great reminder that being consistent and genuinely loving what you share can yield impressive outcomes.

His choice to earn through a Writer in Residence role with David Perell and Twitter subscriptions also highlights how collaborating strategically and exploring different ways to make money can be crucial.