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Camera Giants Nikon, Sony, and Canon Unite to Combat Deepfakes with Cutting-Edge Digital Signatures



  • Camera industry leaders Nikon, Sony Group, and Canon are developing digital signatures for photos to combat deepfakes.
  • The digital signatures will include information like date, time, location, and photographer, making images resistant to tampering.
  • The universal standard for digital signatures ensures compatibility with the web-based tool Verify, allowing free verification of image credentials.


  • The technological solution aims to address the proliferation of deepfakes, impacting notable figures such as former US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.
  • Verify, a collaboration among global news organizations, technology firms, and camera manufacturers, offers free image verification, flagging AI-generated or altered images.


  • Nikon plans to introduce the digital signature feature in its mirrorless cameras, while Sony and Canon will incorporate it into their professional-grade mirrorless SLR cameras.
  • The camera technology is anticipated to be available by 2024, with Sony releasing it in the spring and Canon later in the year.

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