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Meet the first Spanish AI model earning up to €10,000 per month

Aitana, the first Spanish model created by artificial intelligence, earns up to €10,000 per month. She was created by The Clueless Agency during a difficult period to serve as an influencer for brands, and has managed to gain over 121,000 followers on Instagram. Aitana's creators have also developed a second virtual model, Maia, and have received numerous requests from brands wanting their own personalized models. However, some critics have expressed concern over the unrealistic perfection of these models and the potential influence on younger generations.

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Capitalism gona capitalize.

Reading the article the avg. seems to be more like 3,000 per month, 10,000 at peak. Still quite substantial. However, consider the amount of work and creativity involved to make this work (by the people who made the model and come up with the ‘content’).

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Brandy Sousa

Every time I see one of these, I wonder a few questions

1) how many people actually know it’s an AI (and if it’s tricking people, is this the reason social media is making it so that it’s explicit?)

2) what are audience getting out of this ?

3) does the fact that it’s not a real person but made to look photorealistic not rub you the wrong way?