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Apple’s keynote event shot on iPhone and edited on Mac

Capturing footage with multiple iPhone 15 Pro Max devices, the team utilized the integration between iPhone 15 Pro, the Blackmagic Camera app, and Tentacle Sync.

“It’s amazing to see that the quality from a device that is so small and so portable can rival a large $20,000 camera.”

Whether you like Apple or not, this is pretty incredible what they've done with the new iPhone recording features. The videos in this article are great as well, showing more in depth on the behind the scenes on how they got it done.

I don't necessarily think this would replace a traditional mirrorless camera, but it is a great secondary option.

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Amy Sawyama

It's awesome to see how this device can match up with pro video cameras, and the ProRes recording feature is a game-changer. The world of content creation keeps evolving, and it's exciting to witness the boundaries being pushed. Big ups to the team for making it happen!