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Creative burnout

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Every time I lose motivation, it’s 90% chance caused by creative burnout. I’ve found that focusing too much on analytics or metrics has led me to force creativity, and that just plain makes me unhappy. Whenever I notice this, I take a step back and remember why I decided to create in the first place. I did it because I wanted to express something, and if I have nothing to express at the moment I don’t need to fabricate it just to feed the endless demand for content by tech.

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Jeremy Beckler

I take long breaks between creative projects. I find that it works for me as a way to “re-charge” my creativity. However I have friends who can just pump things out for long periods at a time and then take a smaller break in-between. Everyone is different.

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Amy Sawyama Author

Every person is indeed different. It makes me thing that creativity is also a muscle, perhaps you can “train” it and do more, but just like even a trained muscle you need to give it some rest.