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Novelist Scoops Literary Prize—Then Reveals She Used ChatGPT

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  • Novelist Rie Kudan won the Akutagawa Prize for her book "The Tokyo Tower of Sympathy," revealing that around 5% of it was directly quoted from sentences generated by AI (ChatGPT).
  • The novel explores a near-future world where AI is integrated into daily life, following the story of an architect named Sara Makina and her discomfort with society's tolerance towards lawbreakers.
  • This incident adds to a trend where artists, including those in fine arts competitions, acknowledge using AI in their creations, raising questions about the intersection of AI and creative expression.

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While 5% is significant, I don’t think it warrants this much sensationalism.

Kudan added that she hopes to maintain “good relationships” with the tech and use it to “unleash my creativity” with it going forward

IMO, this is the healthiest way to interact with AI from a creative perspective. Of course I would of preferred she didn’t use AI at all, or at the very least augmented the sentence structures so they weren’t verbatim rips, but the overall integrity of the books body of work is still lately intact.