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The world of fake live singing on TikTok


  • TikTok users are facing scrutiny for autotuning their singing videos, with @glernndevern bringing attention to the prevalence of edited and retouched content.
  • The revelation has sparked discussions about the use of autotune in online singing content, paralleling the way filters and Photoshop enhance visuals on social media.
  • Some users are embracing the revelation, creating parody autotune videos and contributing to the ongoing conversation about authenticity in online content creation.

Discussion (2)

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Jeremy Beckler

Unpopular opinion here, but I don't get the fuss over autotuning on TikTok. It's not like everyone is claiming to be the next Beyonce. If people enjoy watching edited singing vids, let them have their fun. We all know social media is a curated version of reality anyway. Maybe folks should focus on more significant issues than whether someone hits every note perfectly on a casual singing clip.

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Yes and no.

Yes: There are more important things in the world than people mis-representing themselves using autotune.

No: It's not so much the act itself, it's the lying. As creators we need to set the standards for what is morally acceptable. People are free to make what they choose online, but others are also free to judge them for it. Lying about your talent is not cool. Just because the lie is insignificant, doesn't make it that its still deception. They are deceiving an audience, chasing clout, and hoping to gain attention/followers/subscribers for it. Otherwise, if it was truly for fun, why not admit you are using autotune in the caption of the video?