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What I Learned Selling a Used Pencil on TikTok Shop

Summary: The author found it interesting that a placeholder listing for a used mechanical pencil on TikTok's seller tools garnered over a thousand livestream viewers. The users were largely confused about the listing, and the author reflects on the surprising ease of reaching potential customers through TikTok's platform. The experience served as a test of TikTok Shop's capabilities and the platform's potential as an unconventional yet effective marketplace.

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imdreaming • Edited on

I had a similar experience experimenting with Tiktoks seller tools. I decided to list a vintage camera I had lying around and to my surprise, within a couple of minutes of going live I had hundreds of people engaging. People were asking questions, sharing insights, and some even expressed interest in buying the camera.

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I think unfortunately this is causing some rebellion on tiktok. Seems they have pushed users TOO hard to that shops feature, and it’s causing anti-consumer trends