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TikTok Tests Feature That Could Make All Videos Shoppable

No paywall: https://archive.is/2024.01.29-201733/https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2024-01-29/tiktok-tests-feature-that-could-make-all-videos-shoppable


  • TikTok's Shoppable Feature: TikTok is testing a feature to make all posts shoppable, allowing users to identify objects in videos and explore related products on TikTok Shop.

  • Technology and Testing: The new feature utilizes technology to automatically recognize objects in videos. Currently in early testing, it aims to expand beyond influencers and brands, potentially enhancing the shopping experience on the platform.

  • TikTok's E-commerce Strategy: TikTok is prioritizing its U.S. e-commerce business, aiming to sell $17.5 billion worth of goods in 2024. Despite mixed reviews for TikTok Shop, the platform continues to innovate, linking content creators to product sales with a new, broader shoppable feature.

Discussion (2)

crissfuture profile image
Criss F

Well damn, that’s aggressive.

I think tiktok is tired of not getting a piece of the action when it comes to sales. Typically creators just have people buy direct from some link, they think that can insert themselves directly without the need to leave the platform.

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Amy Sawyama

The big question becomes how much of a cut will tiktok take, and will it be worth using them.

Also, with they be scummy if you try to circumvent it with your own link to an indie storefront?