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LinkedIn is testing a TikTok-like video feed

LinkedIn confirmed to TechCrunch that it is playing around with a video feed, which was first spotted by strategy director Austin Null. In a post on LinkedIn itself, Null showed a short demo of the feed, which looks a lot like that of TikTok or Instagram Reels. The vertical feed, currently in beta, appears in the app under a new "Video" tab. The videos are like other LinkedIn posts, which users can like, comment under, or repost. [0]

[0] https://mashable.com/article/linkedin-tiktok-video-feed-test

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nirmeout profile image

Yesss, now I can share my extremely embarrassing comedy videos with my co-workers and boss 😂

Jokes aside, I appreciate that they are entering this space. The more video-forward spaces there are the better IMO.

samuraisteph profile image

I am seeing a lot more videos being posted on LinkedIn already, so to me this view is just a better way to discover them. I think it’s pretty cool.