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MKBHD calls out tech accessory company dbrand, which he planned to work with

A single slip-up and the mess spreads far beyond where you’d ever expect. That’s exactly what happened with Dbrand, the Canadian accessories brand, finding itself in hot water from all corners after its reply to an Indian customer’s complaint was labelled offensive and racist.[0]

[0] https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/other/dbrand-deletes-offensive-post-after-youtuber-mkbhd-takes-tough-stand-won-t-work-with-you/ar-BB1luEDk

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Creators like him HAVE to play defense like this, otherwise face backlash.

He’s officially in the camp of the likes of big brands like Nike, where you need to drop bad PR at the sign of a large audience being upset about it.

Not saying he didn’t mean what he said, but I almost believe at this scale he has to say something no matter what.

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It’s nice to see they reversed the original offensive tweet. Good for MKBHD for calling them out, I’m sure they will think twice next time.