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Against trendbait

TikTok has seen a bizarre (and annoying) explosion of language as creators rush to coin terms.


  • TikTok fosters a rapid influx of new phrases and terms, often coined by random users hoping for viral success, creating a constantly evolving linguistic landscape.
  • The phenomenon reflects a desire for connection and identity among online communities, with users seeking to label and categorize various aspects of human experience.
  • Unlike traditional slang, these terms are often created with the explicit goal of gaining widespread usage, driven by a desire for authority and clout rather than monetary gain, leading to a cycle of trend creation and consumption.

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Criss F

There have been a large amount of coined terms that are just silly. "Loud budgeting", has got to be my least favorite that I have come across. Apparently it's sharing “loudly” your financial intentions. It feels so forced.