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The EU officially opens up an investigation into TikTok

In a Monday press release, EU's executive branch announced a formal probe into TikTok's compliance (or lack thereof) with the Digital Services Act. To legislate against things like illegal content, disinformation, and targeted advertising.

They're looking into TikTok's potential use of algorithmic systems to encourage addictive behavior, or what it calls a "rabbit hole effect." In other words, they're worried about if TikTok does too much to force you to keep looking at it.

Other points of concern include privacy and safety for minors, advertising transparency, and proper age verification for users.

If TikTok is found to be in violation of any DSA policies, it may have to fork over as much as 6 percent of its annual turnover.

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I hope this goes somewhere, hard to say how much teeth the EU has, and also what they truly are trying to get to the bottom of.

I think the most worthwhile investigation is the child safety part. This has been overlooked on social media for quite some time.