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Trolls have flooded X with graphic Taylor Swift AI fakes


  • Sexually explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift circulated on X (formerly Twitter).
  • One post gained over 45 million views before being removed, but many similar posts are still live.
  • The incident highlights the challenge of combating AI-generated fake content and raises concerns about X's moderation capabilities.

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Harper Liu • Edited on

In an era where AI can easily generate explicit content, the need for moderation has never been more crucial. As technology evolves, platforms like X must prioritize strengthening their moderation capabilities to protect users. After all, what does X offer over distributed platforms besides enhanced global moderation? That’s a huge part of their value proposition..

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Amy Sawyama • Edited on

There are starting to be a lot of these stories popping up, just recently there was some backlash around X for allowing the open glorification of Hitler [0]. While this type of thing has been rampant on the internet, it’s sad to see it being allowed on X/Twitter, which has historically taken a strong stand against this.

[0] vice.com/en/article/wxjyxq/an-offi...