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How Chinese influencers use AI digital clones of themselves to pump out content



  1. Chinese influencers employ AI digital clones for livestreaming, especially in online shopping, sparking concerns about honesty and legality.

  2. Larger influencers benefit from these digital avatars, but smaller livestreamers face potential job displacement as media companies shift to cost-effective AI stars.

  3. Chinese regulators are beginning to address the use of generative AI, but there are still uncertainties around authenticity and legal responsibilities in this emerging trend.

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messo profile image

This has got to be the worst application of AI in the creator economy.

I am all for AI making creators more productive, but there comes a point when it’s just a replacement of the creator itself with their “likeness”, which is totally lame. I’d be shocked if people would even consider watching.

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Amy Sawyama • Edited on

There is nothing really creative about this. This is basically just content farming for video. I see as being like those SEO generated content pages for Google. It will only make more noise that the platform and it’s users will have to cut through.

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Ondrej • Edited on

Agree with the posts below. However, I can see use cases where I as a follower may be ok with that, assuming it is properly labeled as an AI avatar. For example, people in countries with less freedom of speech, people who don't speak english properly or are shy on camera - having a digital avatar may enable them to become a creator or reach people. But again - I would see it unethical to publish AI avatar videos without disclosing it is a digital avatar.