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All Internet Roads Lead Back to 2014

2014 is significant in internet culture for several reasons. It marked a turning point in the rise of influencers and the formalization of affiliate marketing, which transformed how brands engage with online audiences. Influencers like Bethany Mota became pioneers in collaborating with brands, signaling a shift towards influencer marketing as a viable advertising strategy. Additionally, 2014 saw the emergence of viral moments like Gamergate and the Ice Bucket Challenge, which not only entertained but also influenced societal norms and digital discourse. Moreover, this period witnessed the rapid evolution of the creator economy, with influencers adapting to new platforms like TikTok and exploring diverse monetization strategies beyond traditional advertising. Overall, 2014 laid the groundwork for the modern influencer landscape and shaped the trajectory of internet culture for years to come.

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In a weird way it seems like we haven’t evolved too far away from 2014, if anything the themes from those times are just more widely adopted and acceptable than before (a good thing in my opinion). However, things have become more competitor now that they are more defined paths.

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I think 2014 is when the laggards finally realized the power of the internet and as a result business finally started shifting $$ into more internet culture/influencers/creators in order to stay competitive.