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Attention Ecology


  • The article discusses the era of information abundance, likening it to the "Roaring Twenties" of the past. In this age, technology enables the instant and global sharing of vast amounts of information, transforming communication dynamics.

  • The concept of attention ecology highlights the challenges posed by excessive information consumption, particularly on social media platforms. The ease of sharing and accessing information has led to a flood of trivial content, overwhelming individuals' ability to filter out what is truly valuable or meaningful.

  • The article calls for a shift in mindset and behavior towards information consumption. It emphasizes the need for individuals to become more discerning and intentional about the information they engage with, advocating for a departure from indiscriminate consumption and towards more meaningful utilization of information resources.

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Cutting through the noise is so much of the internet today.

Simple things like finding a new pair of headphones takes a ton of digging and research, and it feels like despite so much information being out there, you end up spending the vast majority of your time sorting through what’s ‘good’ information vs ‘bad’.

This is doubled when it comes to media, news, and entertainment. And is a lot of the reason for the birth of cbx.gg. I hope that quality will continue to reign supreme, and together our community will cut through the noise to truly equip creators with information that will enrich them.

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Jeremy Beckler

Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for all you, chris, and G do. It’s important to have spaces built out for a common good.

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So much information out there yet people seem to get scammed/tricked/deceived more than ever. In some ways you could say that information travels to us more than we seek it, and that’s dangerous if the wrong information travels to you and you don’t have the know-how to vet the contents of it.