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MrBeast Aims to Dethrone Prime Hydration? Lawsuit Docs Reveal Beverage Ambitions

Newly revealed court documents from MrBeast's ongoing lawsuit suggest that the YouTuber plans to expand his business ventures by launching "Beast Beverages" and a mobile game in 2025. These filings indicate his intention to compete in the influencer beverage market, currently led by Prime Hydration, a brand by Logan Paul and KSI. Details about the beverage line are scarce, but Donaldson aims to capitalize on his extensive fanbase and distribution channels, as demonstrated by the success of his snack company, Feastables. These plans were disclosed amid his legal battle with Virtual Dining Concepts over quality issues with MrBeast Burger.

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It's clear to me that Jimmy is trying to monetize his audience harder than ever before. I think he's been surrounding himself with 'business' types that are in his ear about making more money as a business leader than as an entertainment personality. Nothing wrong with that, just thought it was interesting to see his transformation from being all about viewership to now trying to make packaged goods.

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Harper Liu

Never thought I would see so many top creators making drink brands. I would of expected other types of merchandise like shirts, stickers, hoodies instead

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Criss F

If you think about it, consumable items are perfect because of the re-purchasability and breadth of their audiences. Sure kids would buy hoodies and stickers, but they would only buy it once, while kids and adults can enjoy a beverage independently of the creator. The creator is just used to further market it.