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Creator economy funding plummets in 2023, as influencer marketing spend rises

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(Chart taken from The Information.)

Funding for the creator economy has declined in 2023, while influencer marketing spend has risen, reflecting the evolving dynamics of the digital marketing landscape.

What this really means is that VCs/investors are spending less on funding creator economy platforms but there is a huge desire for marketers and brands to sponsor individual creators.

Overall this is good news for creators looking to make a career out of content creation and working along side advertisers.

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It would of been nice to see the volume of money remain the same across both categories, but at least the dollars are going directly to creators and understandably it’s hard times for the economy right now

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Criss F

My prediction: we will see even MORE marketing spend in years to come.

We are just scratching the surface of creator/influencer marketing. Brands will start to become obsolete if they can't command an audience.

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Tobias Val

Funny enough I just spoke to someone who said they feel the use of social media is dying and people aren't interested in it anymore.

But when you look at something like this, and just the future predictions of it all, its hard to agree. But at the same time are we going to see a downwards spiral of it soon? Or is this just the beginning, and more and more people are wanting to become content creators.