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Why ‘chronically online’ memes will destroy the internet

Internet memes are becoming increasingly complex and illegible, filled with obscure references and absurdist language. This shift from straightforward memes of the past reflects a trend towards fragmented and exclusive digital communication, making it difficult for those not "chronically online" to understand. This evolution exacerbates social isolation as today's fragmented media landscape contrasts with the shared experiences of the past era of broadcast media.

Today's digital content, driven by rapidly changing algorithms, fosters smaller, insular communities. Despite theoretical opportunities for niche connections, the lack of common cultural ground often leads to further disconnection. The rise of AI-driven "neural media" suggests a potential future where media interacts with users in new ways, possibly reshaping digital communication.

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I probably understand about 4/5 memes that I see today. Sometimes the "joke" is so niche to something I haven't read or heard (or care) about yet a large majority of people in my circle do.