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Everything is Hard.

With the new year around the corner, I think it's worth mentioning again for those gearing up for another goal filled 12 months:

Everything worth doing is hard

Like the article mentions, tons of sacrifice goes into most desirable things.

My favorite line:

I chose my hard, and it's making all the difference. If you feel unfulfilled, are you willing to try something hard that has more personal upside?

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I often think about why most people shy away from ‘hard’ stuff. I think it's because we've been conditioned to believe that success should be easy — like we see people parroting on sites like Instagram.

Reminder, you are seeing peoples HIGHLIGHTs on social media. These are things they want to share that are curated from the best bits or information from their life. People often omit the struggles, pains, and flops.

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Jeremy Beckler

I always have to remind myself of that. I suffer from comparing myself to others, especially their work/followers/freedom, etc. I have had to detox from social a few times, but I always relapse as being a creator social is a huge part of our life.

I found that meditation helps, but really it's just about being mindful of the fact you just mentioned.